Gray Wolf Ranch welcomes young men 14 to 25 years old who are in need of ongoing treatment to support their early recovery. Applicants need to be medically stable and have completed any withdrawal or detoxification needs and be prepared to focus on establishing sobriety as their primary goal.

Our typical admissions process starts with a program and financial conversation between our admissions director and the referring counselor, parent, or guardian of the potential resident. 

If the aspects of the program and financial obligations are a fit, we then move to a clinical conversation with our program director and any appropriate clinical professionals who work with or have worked with the potential resident. 

A green light from that clinical conversation allows us to proceed with an interview call with the potential resident. This interview not only allows us to determine if the applicant meets our admission criteria, but gives him an opportunity to interview us as well!

Once all stakeholders are agreed that we are a good fit, we can proceed to finalizing financial arrangements and logistics for travel and arrival.