The Gray Wolf Ranch program is designed for young men to be immersed in an incredible setting with a tremendous amount of resources that aggressively aid in tackling a life free from the shackles of substance abuse. We're an Education and Schooling Program, a Work Skills Program, a Life Skills Program, and a Substance Abuse Treatment Program, all in one.

Families, Guardians, and Sponsors should be prepared to make a significant financial investment when considering Gray Wolf Ranch.

Our Signature Program cost is essentially all-inclusive, meaning that clinical decisions drive our choices when working with our residents, not financial decisions.

We put all of the financial pressure of treatment up front. Once our residents are in the Gray Wolf program, they get access to all of the resources we have available.

Given the amount of resources involved and the type of care we provide, it is understandable that the total cost of our program is significant. 

We work with a third party insurance billing provider to help our families leverage insurance whenever possible. Insurance reimbursement can vary widely depending on an individual's policy and allowable benefits. 

We're happy to answer any financial questions you have about Gray Wolf Ranch.

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