Recovery is a lifelong journey. At Gray Wolf Ranch, we view it as our responsibility to make sure that each graduate is prepared to continue his recovery and take ownership of his future. We begin planning for aftercare well in advance of graduation. In the weeks leading up to a resident’s discharge, the treatment team begins to put together his continuing care plan, which contains referral resources for ongoing recovery support, vocational and educational placement, and staff follow-ups to ensure a smooth transition.  
As part of their aftercare, Gray Wolf graduates are encouraged to keep in touch, so they can continue to receive the support of their counselor and fellow graduates. Gray Wolf alumni are invited to: 
  • Participate in alumni events, including conferences, reunions, and our Alumni/Renewal Treks—outdoor trips especially for Gray Wolf graduates. 
  • Read The Pathfinder Newsletter, which features alumni news as well as articles about addiction and recovery.
  • Become an alumni contact, to share their experience, strength and hope with other Gray Wolf residents.
  • Visit Gray Wolf Ranch and Port Townsend. Gray Wolf Ranch alumni may stay at one of the Wolf's Dens if there is space available.