At Gray Wolf Ranch we place a high value on referrals from addiction therapy professionals and others who share our commitment to helping young men on their way to recovery.

During your client’s stay at Gray Wolf, you remain an integral part of his treatment team. We seek out your input as we assign staff to your client, include you if issues or problems arise, and collaborate with you in developing his continuing care plan.

Experience has shown us that each referent has different preferences when it comes to communication. Our baseline is to provide weekly reports from your client’s counselor and rapid responses whenever you have questions, comments, or concerns. But we stand ready to accommodate your communication needs no matter what they are, including staying in direct contact with your client.

We understand that there are many treatment options available, and look forward to discussing whether Gray Wolf is the right fit for your client.

To learn more, please contact us 1-800-571-5505 for a conversation with one of our directors. Or you can reach us via email by completing our information request form on our Get In Touch page. We'll be happy to respond to any of your requests promptly.