An essential part of treatment at Gray Wolf Ranch is helping residents learn to re-engage with the “real world” now that they’re clean and sober. The nearby town of Port Townsend is the ideal place to do this. It’s a small, active community where ranch residents are welcomed and their contributions appreciated.

During their stay at Gray Wolf Ranch, some residents work full- or part-time jobs in Port Townsend. There are opportunities for yard work, food service, T-shirt silk screening and embroidery, boat maintenance, festival help, and much more.

Other residents do volunteer work, such as wooden boat repair, tutoring elementary school students, helping seniors, or sharing their recovery stories with local middle schoolers.

We work with each resident to find work or volunteer work that interests him. Gray Wolf Ranch has established relationships with a number of businesses and organizations in Port Townsend, but we also encourage residents to make their own inroads as they become more familiar with the community.