Life-changing. Powerful. Fun. These are words Gray Wolf residents use time after time to describe our 10-day wilderness treks. Through this one-of-a-kind outdoor program, residents have a whole new way to practice their sober life skills, build their confidence, and work as a team, amid breathtaking scenery. We believe—and experience has shown us—that the sense of accomplishment and perspective residents gain on our treks is an invaluable part of their recovery.

Every resident takes part in at least two treks during his stay at Gray Wolf. Treks may include hiking, kayaking, or sailing. No prior experience is required, and all necessary gear is provided by Gray Wolf at no extra cost. Our treks are led by highly trained outdoor professionals who are skilled instructors and counselors.

Solo Treks

Residents who have done a group trek at Gray Wolf have the option to take a solo trek. For some, a Solo is a time to contemplate their impending graduation from the program. For others, it’s a chance to process the surge of emotion that comes with early sobriety. For all, a Solo is a way to experience the serenity of nature, learn self-sufficiency, and find peace. It’s a meaningful tool on the path to recovery

Solo trekkers are given the knowledge and equipment they need to be safe, and are never far from Gray Wolf staff.

Safety First

Gray Wolf has an excellent safety record and meets or exceeds national standards in outdoor education programming. We are accredited by the Association for Experiential Education, the same organization that accredits leading outdoor schools such as Outward Bound and the National Outdoor Leadership School.