Peter Boeschenstein, Founder and Director

Peter Boeschenstein founded Gray Wolf Ranch in 1992, bringing together his dedication to helping young people overcome addiction and his passion for the outdoors. Since the program’s inception he has expanded it from its initial 10 beds to its current 26, added the Wolf’s Den, and established a strong and supportive relationship between the Ranch and the community of Port Townsend. Prior to founding Gray Wolf, Peter spent four years as a chemical dependency counselor at Hazelden Center for Youth and Families in Plymouth, Minnesota. He is a graduate of the University of Vermont.


Woody Bernas, Program Director

Woody Bernas has been the Program Director at Gray Wolf since 2003. His role encompasses virtually every aspect of the program, from supervising the daily operation of the facility and the work of the staff, to overseeing the administration of standards, policies and procedures from the state and other licensing agencies, to human resources, to administering the annual budget. Prior to GWR, Woody worked at the world-renowned Hazelden Foundation in Center City, Minnesota, where he was a counselor, then a unit supervisor on the Silkworth mens’ unit, and eventually Director of Continuing Care and Alumni Relations.


Kris Kampf, Clinical Supervisor
After successfully completing his own treatment, Kris Kampf decided that he wanted to become a chemical dependency counselor. He received his CDFT at St. Catherine University,  completing internships at Hazelden Center City and Fairview Riverside Hospital, where he was offered a job doing primary treatment. He later accepted a position as a case manager at Hazelden’s halfway house, Fellowship Club. All the while, Kris was eager to return to the Pacific Northwest, where he had lived before Minneapolis. He was thrilled to be offered a position at Gray Wolf Ranch in 1998. He has worked there ever since, and there’s no place he would rather be. 
Peter Lack, Counselor

For over 15 years, Peter Lack has helped guide Gray Wolf residents through their recovery. He began his career at the Hazelden Center for Youth and Family in Plymouth, Minnesota as a men’s unit supervisor after a successful battle with his own addiction. His experience and training there brought him to Gray Wolf, where he began as a chemical dependency technician. After earning his CDP from Peninsula College, he moved into the role of counselor. His insights into addiction, both professional and personal, help shape the spirit of recovery at Gray Wolf.


Eric Quiggle, Trek Program Manager / Trek Leader

Eric has been with Gray Wolf Ranch for over a dozen years in various roles, but his passion is working in the field on our wilderness treks. As a trek leader, Eric supports residents as they apply the skills they’ve learned, and offers up kinetic metaphors to help them link their experience with the natural environment around them. Eric holds a BA in Ecopsychology, has logged roughly 80 weeks of field time leading treks, and is working toward a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology.


Susan “Shu” DeLapp, Educational Coordinator

As Educational Coordinator at the Gray Wolf Ranch Learning Center, Shu DeLapp helps residents with their academic needs, whether it’s finishing high school or college, getting a GED, submitting college applications, or taking their first college course. Shu holds an AAS as a Chemical Dependency Professional, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology for the Helping Profession, and a Master's of Science in Education, specific to Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.