The Gray Wolf Ranch campus brings rugged, natural beauty together with the comforts of home. The grounds are landscaped with native plants, a vegetable garden, a lily and koi pond, and an outdoor ceremonial area. The buildings and facilities are nestled among Douglas fir, hemlock, vine maples, native rhododendrons, and sword ferns.
The Lodge is the main building at Gray Wolf, featuring a state-of-the-art kitchen, an attractive dining room, a comfortable living space with fireplace and TV, and a large room for evening group sessions and other meetings. The Lodge also includes accommodations for fourteen residents. 
The Tree House provides recreational facilities on the lower level and accommodations for four residents on the upper level.
Cedar Tree sleeps eight Senior Peers—residents nearing graduation. 
The Trek Center accommodates our wilderness trek program, with storage for camping gear, a fleet of kayaks and a fleet of bikes.
Two large Yurts house the music program and counseling offices.

We have a Sport Court for free-time exercise and organized group basketball games.