At Gray Wolf Ranch we believe that addiction is treatable and that a full recovery is possible. And while there are many roads to sobriety, here at Gray Wolf we believe the most effective and sustainable path is one traveled with friends.

Our program is built on two core concepts:

  • Every man's pathway to recovery is determined by his individual needs.
  • We live and work on recovery as a community.
These tenets guide our program and have helped us create a nurturing, respectful environment where mutually supportive, lifelong friendships are forged.
Each resident is unique and his recovery is, in most respects, a private journey. Gray Wolf Ranch provides the professional assistance to help guide and facilitate that journey. 
By the time he graduates, each resident will have developed the skills he needs for success and will have come to the realization that he’s not alone—that he needs the support of others in his recovery to maintain sobriety.